The Age of Dragons was a time when dragons ran around loose. More than three thousand years ago, dragons and other magical creatures dwelled alongside humans. Like tigers in the jungles, bears in the hills, or sharks in the ocean, enchanted beasts wandered the world. There were plenty of wild places back then, and coexistence was not a major problem. The unbelief of mortals helped repel most beings of a magical nature, and there were unwritten laws that generally kept humans and mystical creatures apart. 

As humanity expanded, dragons feared the day mortals would claim the world, so they fought back, thus starting the Age of Dragons. They began with attacking ships and caravans, then villages and towns. Even cities. There was a time when a huge percentage of towns and cities offered tributes to dragons to survive. Some gave treasure. Others provided livestock or even people. Some wizards, enchantresses and Dragon Slayers thought that it had gone too far, and began trying to confine the dragons to sanctuaries, which they eventually succeeded with. It was a long and bloody process, and they were still rounding up renegade dragons well into the Dark Ages. There were many casualties on both sides, and only dragons who had not besieged mortals and who pledged to live according to a certain code of conduct were permitted to remain in the wild.


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