Alcetaurs are similar to Centaurs but with the body of a moose. They are extremely proficient with the bow. They're said to be less trustworthy than centaurs. They're never more at home than when out in the wilderness.

Agad, a Wizard and caretaker of Wyrmroost, had an alcetaur for an assistant, along with a four-armed snake lady and a Minotaur.

According to Henrick, Alcetaurs are solitary by nature, as opposed to Cervitaurs (men with bodies of deer) and Rumitaurs (men with bodies of elk) although Henrick was with his mother well into his adulthood until she suggested he find purpose at Wyrmroost, where he became the Sanctuary's Gamekeeper.

In Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary, an Alcetaur was one of the sentries at front gate in Blackwell Keep, it is likely that it were Henrick.

In Dragonwatch, an Alcetaur that works at Blackwell Keep is formally introduced as Henrick, the Gamekeeper of Wyrmroost.

In Wrath of the Dragon King, the Alcetaurs (not including Henrick), as well as all the other Tauran folk are led by Amulon, a Rumitaur.

Known Alcetaurs


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