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Amulon is a Rumitaur (a Centaur-like being but with an elk's body instead of a horse and he has antlers) and the leader of the Tauran folk of Wyrmroost, residing in the Herdlands.

He sides with the Dragons and confronts Kendra, Seth, Tanu, Eve, and Calvin on the High Road, threatening them to leave it. In the confrontation that follows, Amulon and twenty of his people force them off the road and Kendra uses the Bow of Plenty to fire 100 arrows back at their warning shots, injuring several of them.

Then three Dragons arrive, one of them, a green dragon named Jaleesa, captures Kendra while her friends and brother escape. The Somber Knight arrives, saving Seth and Eve by killing the other two Dragons (Chiro and Numrum), and then confronts Amulon for his treason. Finding him guilty, the Somber Knight leaves Amulon's fate to Seth who decides Amulon shall be exiled since no one died.

As Amulon speaks for the Taurans, and a score of them aided him in his crime, the Somber Knight revokes his claim to the Herdland territory, along with access to the thoroughfares reserved for friends of Blackwell Keep. Their new domain would thence encompass the Barrows, Lackluster Woods, and the Adjoining Meadows, a domain of Haunts and Shades.

Amulon is threatened to reach his new domain promptly, for anywhere else on the preserve will he be found in extreme violation of trespass, with prejudice, and his kind will be hunted anywhere else they go, fair game to any creature.

Furthermore, the Taurans still at the Herdlands are also trespassing, and should they linger for more than a day, their lives will be forfeit. Once they have departed, reentry is of course barred. And then the Somber Knight pierces the High Road with his sword, declaring Amulon and his people will be rejected by the Safe Road's protections, and indeed a defiant rumitaur is injured by and hurtled off the Safe Road when he tries to defy the Somber Knight's sentence.

Amulon has no choice but to retreat in disgrace, having brought ruin and dishonor upon his people.