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Andromadus is the former dragon Dromadus, but as a wizard. He is dressed in a dark robe, has a short white beard and white hair, and in one hand he carries a staff. Andromadus is the newest wizard in the world, transforming after the art of turning into a wizard was thought to have been lost. Archadius, the first ever wizard, had taught Dromadus how to successfully transform into a wizard. Not believing he would ever put that knowledge to use, Dromadus remained in his lair until Wyrmroost fell, then turning into a wizard.

Master of the Phantom Isle

After a dragon turns into a wizard, their powers rise radically for a period of time. Andromadus used this to save the group at Blackwell Keep from the dragons and the undead, creating a barrier around them that repelled the wraiths, revenants, liches, and dragons assailing them. With the group’s permission, he sent them to the sky giant Thronis atop Stormcrag. Shortly returning with Warren and Vanessa as well.

Champion of the Titan Games

Andromadus becomes the leader of Dragonwatch after the demise of Agad. He went to help the Dragon Sanctuary Polar Plains from falling, but failed because it was stated that the sanctuary fell later in the book. He may have been captured during the fall, but it is unlikely since he is one of the most powerful wizards in the world.