Bardox is a revenant residing in the Under Realm. The Underking, the ruler of the Under Realm, uses Bardox as a mouthpiece, similar to a telephone. The revenant looks like an emaciated ruin of a man, hairless and pale, hobbling forward. The tendons in his neck stand out, and his ribs jut grotesquely. The thickest parts of his arms are his elbows, and the thickest parts of his legs are his knees. He has a strangled, croaking voice and a metal weight shackled to one ankle. 

Master of the Phantom Isle

Bardox visited Seth and Ronodin when they were in the Under Realm. He requested to confer with Seth alone, and Ronodin left. After a brief pause, Bardox opened his mouth so wide it looked like he was screaming and the whispery voice of the Underking emerged. After their discussion, Bardox left the room, mouth still open in the shape of a scream.


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