Baroi is a hulking humanoid with a light gray body that is perhaps ten feet tall and the designated Dragon Slayer of the Crescent Lagoon sanctuary. Just as his two brothers, Hobar and Tal, Baroi is bald except for a long ponytail. As a Himalayan cyclops, he has no eyes - just a blank forehead above the nose, and sees with the eyes of his mind. He has the least deep voice out of the trio, but perhaps the richest. 

If the sanctuary’s protections ever were to fall, or if they stray beyond the boundaries of the moai, he and his two brothers will merge into a form more appropriate for war. While in the state of the Enforcer, they go by the name Mombatu, appearing as an enormous triclops, and are the guardians of the Sunset Pearl.

Master of the Phantom Isle


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