The Bewilderness is a forest at Wyrmroost that borders with the Sentient Wood. Anyone that enters the Bewilderness ought to disobey their instincts and follow the direction that feels the most wrong, otherwise, one will most likely perish. More than nine out of ten die trying to venture into the forest. The known traps and threats of the Bewilderness are poisonous thorns, covered pits, and monsters with limited domains. The forested area is not directly protected from dragons, but it is very disorienting to magical creatures, and the dragons especially hate it. They tend to get dizzy quickly and find the whole place deeply disturbing.


The Bewilderness can be accessed through the Sentient Wood, from where the forest thickens and undergrowth appear. Advancing forward, a clue will appear, poetically stating to disobey your instincts and follow the path that feels the most wrong. These warnings are spaced regularly around the perimeter of this realm, each with an attractor spell.

The ground is very uneven, rising and falling repeatedly, with trees large and small blocking the view. The Bewilderness has a big variety of terrain: two low hills with a natural path leading between them; a dense grove of smallish trees with little undergrowth and no clear paths; foreboding thickets and awkward slopes; a small hole in the ground that gradually curves downwards until it hits a long free-fall into deep water; pleasant meadows and inviting streams; and a pond with soothing music and a bright glow.

After several turns inside a twisty cleft at the heart of the Bewilderness, light can be seen, which is the dwelling of the great fairy Risenmay. She lives in a bright, sparkling cavern where glossy, white walls of calcite bristles with glittering quartz crystals.


At some point in history, Patton Burgess successfully passed through the Bewilderness and reached Risenmay.

Wrath of the Dragon King

Kendra trekked through the Bewilderness in search of Risenmay. Hiking through dense undergrowth and swimming through underwater lakes, she arrived at the cave where the great fairy lived. Pleading for help to reach Stormguard Castle on time, Kendra successfully convinced Risenmay to assist her and the others in her group.

Known magical creatures found at the Bewilderness


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