The Black Cat Guardian was the final guardian of the Inverted Tower. It was eventually slain by the combined efforts of Kendra, Warren, Vanessa, and Tanu. It started as a glass replica of a cat, but once touched, the first of the nine lives began. Each time it was killed, it reformed into a larger and more dangerous version of itself than before. Upon the death of the ninth and final life, it faded away, leaving behind the Sands of Sanctity.


  • The first life: a normal-sized domestic black cat.
  • The second life: a larger, more menacing feline.
  • The third life: a lynx with long sharp claws, tufted ears, and intimidating teeth.
  • The fourth life: a larger and more aggressive version of the lynx.
  • The fifth life: a panther.
  • The sixth life: a larger and more ferocious panther.
  • The seventh life: an even larger panther, as tall as a horse, with dagger-like claws and saber.toothed fangs. Four writhing venomous black serpent also sprouted from the panther's shoulders.
  • The eight life: no serpents, but another head formed, and both heads spat black sludge that burned like acid.
  • The ninth life: a terrifying, gargantuan cat with twelve serpents along its back. It had three heads, three heavy tails, wings, and also spat acid. It took everything we had to slay the final version.


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