Blackwell Keep is the residence of the caretaker of Wyrmroost, the Dragon Sanctuary. Due to the uniqueness of the Wyrmroost Sanctuary's predators, the former caretaker, Agad , couldn't venture beyond its walls. Guests can only stay on the first and last nights of their stay, otherwise they risk having the keep compromised. The keep itself is like a small, protected castle, designed to provide residence to the caretaker and protect the Blackwell.

Kendra and Seth Sorenson is now the caretakers of Wyrmroost and lives at Blackwell Keep.





The Blackwell is the heart of the Blackwell Keep in the Wyrmroost Dragon Sanctuary. The Blackwell contains a well of imprisoned Phantoms and other Undead beings, which is protected by potent magical fear spells and an iron door that can only be unlocked by the caretaker. Seth is drawn to the Blackwell since he can hear the voices of the prisoners begging him to let down a chain which is the only way the phantoms can escape their captivity.

Greater Map Room

The Greater Map Room is located in Blackwell Keep at Wyrmroost. It contains a large map with almost all of Wyrmroost's locations and secrets. It is much more detailed than the Smaller Map Room.


The Perch at Blackwell Keep is where caretakers meet with Dragons. Part of the Perch were destroyed by Celebrant but Seth repaired it using the Onyx Tower he got from Thronis, the Sky Giant.

Smaller Map Room

The Smaller Map Room is located in Blackwell Keep at Wyrmroost. It contains a map with many of Wyrmroost's locations, such as lakes, Dragon caves, mountains etc. Agad, the Wizard and the former caretaker of Wyrmroost, took the Knights of the Dawn here to give them some preparation for going into Wyrmroost.