Blackwell keep

Blackwell Keep is the residence of the mortal caretaker(s) and the first stop for visitors of Wyrmroost. The keep itself is a small, protected castle designed to protect the Blackwell and screen visitors to the sanctuary. Before the Roost fell, the caretaker used to split time between it and Blackwell Keep.




The underground corridor leading to the Refuge.


The undead prison at the heart of the dungeon and namesake for the Keep.

Caretaker's office

The primary council room for the caretakers and their advisors.


A modest chapel in front of the churchyard.


The Keep's cemetery, containing the false grave for Patton Burgess.


A series of separated rooms of cells around the Blackwell, far beneath the Keep.

Greater Map Room

A far more exquisitely detailed room of reference than the Lesser Map Room.


A freestanding building just inside the outermost wall.

High Hall

A grand room used to host formal meetings with large groups, especially new arrivals.

Lesser Gate

An area adjacent to the outer courtyard

Lesser Map Room

A room containing a moderately detailed relief map of Wyrmroost.


Neutral territory where caretakers meet with dragons.


The Refuge is a fortified room at the heart of the Keep.


A series of corrals and stables with both ground and aerial mounts, overseen by Obun and Didger. There is a play area for the mute luvians.


The underground main storage facility and arsenal of the Keep, overseen by Grippa.

Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary

The Knights of the Dawn meet with Agad on their way to retrieve the key to the Translocator from the Dragon Temple. Agad debriefs them on many of the rules of the sanctuary, most notably that unofficial guests of the sanctuary can only be sheltered on the first and last nights of their stay, no exceptions.

Keys to the Demon Prison

Right before joining the battle at Zzyzx, Agad restructures some aspects of the treaty to allow Celebrant and Marat to be co-caretakers.


Agad sets up his pair of barrels to link the Fablehaven main house and Blackwell Keep, allowing Kendra, Seth, Stan, and Ruth Sorenson to come through to and live at Blackwell Keep as caretakers and advisors. Bracken joins them temporarily to perform a surprise inspection of the staff, revealing Tonak and Myrna as traitors and condemning them to the dungeon.

Wrath of the Dragon King

Master of the Phantom Isle



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