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The Bow of Plenty is a magical bow that used to be kept by Grippa at Blackwell Keep. When the bowstring is pulled back without knocking an arrow, an arrow will appear, ready to fire. Up to three hundred per day. Once the arrow appears, name any number of arrows remaining for the day, and that many will simultaneously fire. The arrows, if several are fired at once, spread out and tend to seek targets.

Wrath of the Dragon King

Grippa lent to Kendra Sorenson as preparation for the Feast of Welcome. She shot one hundred at the taurans when they forced her, Seth, and Tanu off the safety of the road.

Master of the Phantom Isle

Kendra attempted to fire arrows at the undead who attacked Blackwell Keep, though the undead wasn't harmed by the projectiles. This impulsive action resulted in Kendra and her cousins and friends losing the protection of the Cloak of Innocence.