Brownies are the only magical creatures at Fablehaven with permission to enter the Caretaker's Residence at will. The portals through which they pass into human homes are guarded by magic, preventing other creatures of the forest from using them. At Fablehaven the brownies have a special hatch that admits them to the Basement, and they can use this door to enter the kitchen. Brownies are remarkable craftsmen who love to make and repair all sorts of things and who accept no compensation for their services. They seldom talk to strangers, and they don't take requests, but if one leaves a project ready for them, they will see it done. Their motto is "We all do what we do." Brownies are creatures that look like humans, with the exceptions that they are much smaller and have leafy ears. The dessert called brownies were named after brownies because they invented them. Other than repairing things, the Brownies also make good food. 

In Fablehaven, when Goblins and other unfriendly creatures from Fablehaven raid and wreck the House on Midsummer's Eve, the Brownies repair it in an unbelievably short amount of time.

In Rise of the Evening Star, Kendra and Seth have to shrink themselves and pass through the Brownie community to get inside the House. Also in the second book Ruth Sorenson mentioned that Brownies invented the well-known, delicious dessert, Brownies, which is how the treats got their name.

In Grip of the Shadow Plague, the Brownies became affected by the Shadow Plague and filled the House with deadly traps. Seth uses a Unicorn rocking horse to un-do them all that are in the stairs later finding Mendigo pulled apart. The book says the Brownies later cleared the House of traps.

In Keys to the Demon Prison, the Brownies, among many other shy creatures, escapes the Fairy Realm during the Battle of Zzyzx, implicating that some Brownies inhabit the Fairy Queen's Realm.

In Wrath of the Dragon King it is mentioned that Brownies reside

at the Road Houses at Wyrmroost.


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