Casey Hancock, who introduces himself as "Case" is a Kobold. He appears in Kendra's class at school, but only she could see him for what he really was. Everyone else saw him as a blond haired, handsome boy. As Kendra's friends swoon over his good looks, he asks them out on a movie date. He even goes as far as kissing some of her friends, revealing a major case of bad breath, causing them to avoid him. Errol Fisk helps Kendra and Seth get rid of the kobold by having Seth steal a statue that is, according to Errol, sacred to kobolds. When Case received the statue he immediately left, to supposedly return it to the Himalayan Mountains. However the whole thing was a setup because Errol Fisk turned out to be an agent of the Society of the Evening Star, and the statue was a Demon called Olloch the Glutton.

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