Bracken is a unicorn, and is a son of the Fairy King and Queen. He is a highly intelligent and patient being, but is also very young for his kind. He was introduced in "Keys to the Demon Prison" and helped Seth and Kendra out while they were both prisoners. He, like all unicorns, radiate pure, light energy. Combined with incredibly high vitality, even lectoblixes aren't able to withstand it. Bracken was highly valuable during the battle between light and dark(when Zzyx was opened), besting many demons but nearly fallIng victim to Gorgrog, the king of them. He survived the battle, and had developed a considerable liking for Kendra. At the end of "Keys to the Demon Prison", he and Kendra were approved of as a couple from the Fairy Queen and from there, the reader just has to imagine what happened.

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