Christopher Vogel is an agent of the Society of the Evening Star. He met Kendra and Seth outside their school using the name Errol Fisk. He may have used the fake name "Fisk" to establish trust, as Kendra and Seth had previously befriended Maddox Fisk. He impressed them with his magician's skills, and told them he was sent by Coulter Dixon to get rid of the Kobold Case. He convinced Seth to break into a mortuary belonging to Archibald Mangum to get a frog shaped statue, who turned out to be the Demon Olloch the Glutton. He tried to convince Kendra and Seth to accompany him on another mission, but they were warned by Stan Sorenson that he was not a friend, and likely a member of the Society of the Evening Star. He attempted to stop their escape with Vanessa by blocking the road with a straw Dullion. Later in the story he is signed in on the Register allowing him access to Fablehaven. We see him again after Vanessa takes over the Manor. He accompanies Vanessa in the battle with the artifact guardian in the Inverted Tower, where he loses his life to the Black Cat Guardian.


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