The Chronometer is one of the five Hidden artifacts. It has the power over time. The Chronometer was described as a golden sphere, approximately a foot in diameter, covered in many dials and buttons. It was originaly hidden at Lost Mesa but was taken to Fablehaven by Patton Burgess, many years ago. Patton hid the Chronometer in the old Manor where Ephira lived. On its former resting place, in a fairy language, he wrote,

Courtesy of the World's Greatest Adventurer,

this artifact has a new home at Fablehaven.

When Seth recovers it from the Manor, he pushes a button in panic, as Ephira was cornering him. Patton Burgess then comes forward in time and saves him from Ephira's clutches. While he is there, Patton helps Kendra, Seth, and Lena defeat Ephira and Kurisock, curing Fablehaven's residents of the Shadow Plague, at the cost of Lena's life. Patton goes back to his own time, leaving the Chronometer with the Sorensons to protect it.

Known Abilities

  • Travel forward in time to when the button was next pushed
  • Can take a group back in time (The farthest it can go back is the birthday of the eldest person in the group)
  • Temporarily slow down time
  • Making the world move faster or slower than the possesser
  • Using the Chronometer to make the safe appear once every week for one minute.
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