The Cloak of Innocence is a magical cloak that, if worn, provides protection inside a sanctuary for those who have not previously violated the treaty. It draws upon the power of the foundational treaty of a preserve and would lose its functionality if the treaty is undone.


Physical appearance

The Cloak of Innocence a shimmery gray, hooded cloak. It adjusts to the size of the wearer and changes color from gray to gleaming white or silver, with faint hints of other colors, if working, and to black, if the protection it can offer is revoked.


The cloak's purpose is to provide complete protection to neutral visitors. If somebody is new to a preserve or sanctuary, has caused no harm, and intends no harm, the cloak creates a powerful shield around the wearer and anyone traveling with them, making them invulnerable, even if the companions has violated the treaty before.

If anyone under the protection of the cloak harms a creature or steals something, the protection is forfeited for all, and it will not work for one who has previously violated the treaty. It draws on the power of the treaty that founded the preserve, thus if the entire sanctuary fell, the power of the cloak would fall with it.[1]



The Cloak of Innocence was crafted by the wizards who first designed the preserves with the purpose of providing complete protection to neutral visitors. The cloak was supposedly kept in the storerooms of Blackwell Keep for generations.

Dragon uprising

The ridge troll Grippa lent the Cloak of Innocence to the satyr Newel. Newel brought the cloak to his room and tried it on Knox, but since Knox had previously violated the treaty, it didn't work. They then decided to give it to Tess, which worked since she was still a neutral visitor. Tess, with Newel, Knox, and Doren under the protection of the cloak, decided to use it to venture into Terrabelle in order to aid Kendra and Seth Sorenson, and Tanu.

Tess later used the cloak with Eve, Doren, and the fairy Poza to get to the dragon Dromadus safely. She used it yet again when the undead were assailing Blackwell Keep, with Kendra, Knox, Tanu, Newel, Doren, Marat, and Calvin under her protection. The power of the cloak was undone when Kendra, unknowing of the consequences, shot arrows at a pair of revenants.


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