Cormac's Cave is located behind a waterfall at Fablehaven. Cormac, the Leprechaun, is able to enter through the waterfall into a tunnel with a snap with his fingers. The first cave is quadrangular with smoothed corners and consists of loose stones and large, uncut emeralds. It smells old pipe smoke.

After a while, the tunnel widens to a cirkular room with several wooden doors. Small and big barrels stands along the walls. One of the doors leads into a wardrobe the first time opened. The second time its leads to a long tunnel, and the third time the door opens Cormac's treasure room is accesible.

The large treasure room itself consist of shelves, chests, and crates. The shelves are filled with valuables, like elegant porcelain figures, beads, glazed urns, figurines of carved ivory, jeweled cups, and a large collection of snuff boxes. On the walls hangs old paintings in gilded frames. Three richly ornamented knights stood togheter in a corner togheter with some halberds. The clock, the musicbox, and the whistle were situated in a wooden box.


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