Coulter Dixon was an expert on magical items, relics and talismans. He first comes into the story when Errol uses his name to gain Kendra's trust.  Stan Sorenson describes Coulter Dixon as one of his oldest friends, and one of the most stubborn men he knows. He is brought onto the preserve along with Tanu and Vanessa to help recover the secret artifact in the Fablehaven Preserve. He teaches Kendra and Seth about some of the magical items in his possession, including a magical glove that renders the wearer invisible when in an immobile and stable position, how a distractor spell works, and a magic cocoon that allows the occupant to survive any environment. He and Kendra have a feud because he believes that there are some places that it is okay for a male to go but not for a female, which he calls "an outdated sense of chivalry".

In the Fablehaven series

Rise of the Evening Star

He comes under the control of the narcoblix, Vanessa, and unknowingly leads Seth into the grove of the revenant. He is overcome by the revenant and turned catatonic and albino like Warren, but he was awakened from the narcoblix and was able to help Seth by using his fail safe, a cocoon.He is healed when Seth defeats the revenant.

Grip of the Shadow Plague

Coulter is turned into a shadowman by darkened fairies, but manages to be made whole with the help of Kendra and the talisman of light the Fairy Queen created. He aids in the battle between Light and Dark creatures at the end of the book.

Keys to the Demon Prison

Coulter is killed by the demon Graulas after Seth heals Graulas with the Sands of Sanctity.

Known Magical Items Owned

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