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Crescent Lagoon is an archipelago in the Pacific Ocean.[1] It is one of the seven dragon sanctuaries and presumably located near Easter Island. Its treaty, which controls the magical barriers, establishes covenants et cetera, is upheld by one hundred moai. On the island of Timbuli stands a ring of ten—the Grand Moai.[5] These statues surround the Sunset Pearl; an item that powers the moai. Without the pearl, the moai would go dormant, which would, in turn, cause Crescent Lagoon to fall.

The main stronghold of the sanctuary, the Spring Fort, is located on the island of Kusaka.[2] Other protected locations include the ten protected villages placed around the islands.[5] There are also ten pools of pure water sacred to the sanctuary's inhabitants.[2]


Geographical information

The Crescent Lagoon Sanctuary is an archipelago consisting of more than fifty islands. Many of the islands are small, though several quite large.[5] Despite the many isles, over ninety-nine percent of the sanctuary is ocean. The islands' landscape mainly consists of jungle, with many exotic variants of plants. Some islands, such as Omari, also have steep hills.


The sanctuary is primarily used to house dragons. There are a lot of cliff-dwelling and tree-dwelling dragons on the islands, who tend to be smaller than the ones at other sanctuaries. In the ocean, there are a lot of extremely large sea dragons and sea serpents.[2]

In the shallower water of the sanctuary, the terrain decorated and inhabited by shells, kelp, coral reefs, sponges, and sea fans. There are also many different species of tropical fish, with several of the deep-sea ones being bioluminescent.



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Crescent Lagoon was founded at around 1000 B.C., just as the other six sanctuaries. It was created by the wizards of dragonwatch during the Age of Dragons with the purpose of housing the dragons terrorizing humankind.

Dragon uprising

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During the dragon uprising in 2013, Ronodin stole the Sunset Pearl from its altar, and Crescent Lagoon fell. Later, during the Feast of Welcome at another dragon sanctuary, Wyrmroost, the Dragon King Celebrant declared its fall. However, Warren Burgess was able to reactivate a single moai temporarily which raised the barriers around the Monkey Maze and the Crescent Lagoon.

When Wyrmroost also fell, a group allied with Dragonwatch fled to Crescent Lagoon. After they met with the caretaker, Savani, they set out on a mission to try to reinstate the sanctuary. They retrieved the fool's treasure which contained instructions on how to brew the Elixir of Dry Depths. Using the elixir, they visited the merfolk village Alluvia Minor. The merfolk inhabitants redirected them to the lair of Remulon, who was said to have a compass that could lead them to the Phantom Isle, which was where the Sunset Pearl was thought to have been taken.

After they'd successfully gotten the compass, a single member of the group, Kendra Sorenson, embarked alone towards the isle. She entered the Under Realm through the Phantom Isle and reached an agreement with the Underking, which allowed her to bring back the pearl to the sanctuary. The Sunset Pearl was later placed on its altar and Crescent Lagoon was restored.



The highest position at Crescent Lagoon is caretaker. The caretaker makes all major decisions regarding the sanctuary as a whole, and also controls access to the sanctuary.

Staff Time Notes
Unidentified caretaker Unknown The original caretaker of the sanctuary. Legend tells that they could calm the designated dragon slayer of Crescent Lagoon with a magical flute.[2]
Savani fl. 2010s A Polynesian woman and one of the firewalkers.

Other staff

Other than caretaker, there are a few other positions at Crescent Lagoon. The individuals that fill these roles obey the caretaker's instructions and commands.

Staff Position Time Notes
Grady Indentured servant[6] fl. 2010s A selkie caught stealing from the oceanids.[6] He worked off his crimes at the sanctuary and earned his sealskin back.
Hako Gamekeeper[2] fl. 2010s A grim Polynesian man skilled in camouflage.
Uma Potion master fl. 2010s One of the grand masters of potion-making. Joined the staff of Crescent Lagoon after her legs stopped functioning.[2]


Magical creatures

Crescent Lagoon's main purpose is to protect magical creatures from humanity and to protect humanity from magical creatures. Therefore, the sanctuary houses a very large number of magical inhabitants.

Charm crabs

A type of crab that will mesmerize anyone starting to long at it. It will leave anyone attacking it stupefied.

Cyclonic turtles

A turtle whose shell can store vast amounts of magical energy.


There are three Himalayan cyclopses at Crescent Lagoon. Together, they guard the Sunset Pearl, which upholds the treaty of the sanctuary. This particular species lacks physical eyes and instead see with their minds.


Death knells

A bell-shaped mushroom that will slowly absorb anything stuck to it.


Crescent Lagoon is inhabited by a few demons. Many are powerful and live undersea.



The Crescent Lagoon Sanctuary is primarily used to house the dragons. There are a lot of cliff-dwelling and tree-dwelling dragons on the islands, who tend to be smaller than the ones at other sanctuaries. In the water, however, the sea dragons reside. Very few regular dragons can match some of those in scale.


Electric kelp

A kind of kelp that shocks anything that touches it with more power than a lightning strike.

Fair Folk

Each of the seven sanctuaries contains a settlement of Fair Folk. At Crescent Lagoon, their territory is presumably numbered among the ten protected villages


There are many fairies living at Crescent Lagoon, just like on most sanctuaries and preserves. At this sanctuary, at least some tend to have an appearance matching their habitat. There is also a rare kind of fairy called a nova song that inhabit the sanctuary. On the island of Timbuli, the fairy shrine and Pixie Falls are the most reliable places to find them at.



The firewalkers are human-like beings living at the Crescent Lagoon Sanctuary. They appease a volcano on the island of Timbuli called Baga Loa


Giant boar

An enormous red boar that lives on the island of Timbuli.

Giant hammerhead shark

A shark the size of a school bus that lives close to Crescent Beach.

Grand clams

The grand clams are the size of trampolines and will summon predators when disturbed.


The hamadryads of Crescent Lagoon live on the island of Timbuli and helps maintain the Monkey Maze.



The menehune of Crescent Lagoon work for the firewalkers at the Monkey Maze. They are surprisingly strong and very shy of humans.



There are several merfolk colonies at Crescent Lagoon, though the only known one is Alluvia Minor. As all merfolk, the ones at Alluvia Minor have the lower bodies of fish. They are also protected by four golems that wards of the people of the deep.



A being that gives the golems of Alluvia Minor their instructions.


Naiads are beautiful, water-living women whose biggest interest is to drown humans. At Crescent Lagoon, they dwell at the ten sacred pools.


A being that lives at the Crescent Lagoon Sanctuary. They are known to have had a memorial there.

People of the deep

The people of the deep are the drowned undead. They move on the ocean floor and serve the Underking.


Phantoms are ethereal beings. It is unknown from where they actually come from, but they are born out of deep tragedy, and generally like to dwell in the dark.



The Pinaki of Crescent Lagoon are a tribe of small warriors. They have big eyes, spindly limbs, and large, flat feet. They live on the island of Tiba Tiba.



Fairy-like creatures that live at the sacred pools of Crescent Lagoon.

Razor coral

A species of extremely sharp, black coral.

Royal kingfishers

A rare and magical bird whose song is used by the Pinaki to produce a heat-repelling ointment.

Sea serpents

Water-living serpents who are known to be the longest creatures on the planet. They are related to the serpentine dragons though they do not possess any breath weapons.


Selkies are seals who can, at will, transform into a human shape. However, if they lose their sealskin while in human form, they are stuck in that shape.


Spider eels

Voracious eels who run on a hundred spindly legs and inhabit Desperation Beach.


Crescent Lagoon is inhabited by wood sprites, who very rarely interact with humans.



The triclops, or dragon slayer, of Crescent Lagoon, Mombatu, is immensely powerful and has hide that can resist dragon fire.

Volcano nymphs

The ancestors of the firewalkers. They used to tend to the volcano Baga Loa, though it is uncertain whether they still remain there.

White gorillas

Unnaturally large, white apes that inhabit the island of Omari.


Wraiths are created by powerful dark beings. At Crescent Lagoon, there are several roaming free on both Timbuli and Omari.


Non-magical creatures

Along with the magical creatures of Crescent Lagoon comes an assortment of regular creatures that dwell at the sanctuary as well. These include:

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