Dale Burgess is a groundskeeper at Fablehaven. He is a quiet, reserved man who helps Stan Sorenson out with chores and the general upkeep of the preserve. He is the second cousin of Stan. It is revealed that one of the major reasons he is staying at the preserve is to take care of his albino and catatonic brother, Warren. Dale is second cousin to Seth and Kendra Sorenson.


First seen at the preserve when Seth and Kendra arrived, Dale's job was to help take care of the preserve along with Stan. He was later seen by Kendra taking milk out to the creatures. He was not kidnapped along with Stan and Lena, but was turned into a lead statue which Kendra and Seth found on the lawn the next morning after Midsummer's Eve, but he was restored by the empowered Fairies in the end.

Rise of the Evening Star

He was imprisoned with Coulter by Errol and Vanessa, but was later freed by Tanu. He went with Coulter and Tanu to the Inverted Tower in time to help defeat the artifact guardian. There, he found his restored brother Warren.

Grip of the Shadow Plague

Dale went with Warren, Stan, Ruth and Seth to retrieve a second secret artifact that Patton had hidden in the Old Manor, but he was turned into a shadow. He was restored to full health later on.

Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary

He was one of the six people to go to visit the centaurs to ask if they could borrow the Unicorn horn they priced. He was also one of the three people recognized by Graymane.

Keys to the Demon Prison

Dale did not join the rescue mission to Living Mirage. He survived in the Stables until everyone came home with news that the Demons had been locked up in a new Demon Prison.


Dale is seen doing his chores while keeping an eye on Tess when she's in the pool.

Wrath of the Dragon King

Knox steals Dale's keys and uses them to access the Dungeon.


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