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Dark Creatures are beings associated with evil, night, darkness, death, etc. They live to oppose their counterparts, the Light Creatures.


Dark creatures are malevolent beings who are dark by nature, or beings who had been turned dark by an outside force. Most are considered "creatures," though there are some mortal beings that fall under this category, such as blixes or witches.

They oppose the Light Creatures and are much more dangerous in comparison. Due to their hazardous behavior, they tend to dwell in restricted areas on preserves. The truly dangerous monsters are imprisoned, either in respective dungeons or in Zzyx.

The caretakers also aim to keep dark creatures thriving, though since they are often out of control, they are more reigned in than other magical creatures. It is known that these beings roam the grounds of the preserves on Festival Nights, and mortals are in series danger from them then. Otherwise, only people who step into their territories are in serious trouble. The evilest of entities, like major demons, hibernate during festivals.


Dark Creatures can cast curses, spread diseases, inflict negative emotions on others, and even kill someone or drive them insane. Their abilities vary, but they are all dangerous if encountered.

Shadow Charmers

Shadow Charmers, much like Fairystruck and Fairykind, share a relationship with the dark creatures. They often control them, bargain with them, or train with them. Since they "share a brotherhood of the night", they have magical abilities like shade walking, temperature control, etc. Shadow charmers are not necessarily evil, but most are due to the considerable influence dark creatures have over them.

Known Dark Creatures