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Demons are powerful beings of darkness. In the series, they differ greatly in their forms, some can have heads like wolves, or lions, or insects, or humans, others can have the body of a snake, or a moose. The combinations are endless. Demons vary greatly in appearance but all look like creatures of terror, fear and nightmares and are usually very ugly and fearsome. Demons are not born as demons, but they become one.


In past ages, demons almost succeeded in taking over the world, which is why many were locked away in Zzyzx, the Great Demon Prison.


A demon named Bahumat almost overthrew Fablehaven after he was released from his prison at the Forgotten Chapel by Muriel Taggert, but both were promptly recaptured by a group of enlarged Fairies summoned by Kendra.

Rise of the Evening Star

Seth was bitten by the inert statue form of the demon Olloch the Glutton. Olloch almost devoured Seth in the Valley of the Four Hills, but Seth managed to survive using Coulter's magical cocoon.

Graulas getting healed by the Sands of Sanctity

Grip of the Shadow Plague

Fablehaven almost fell because of a shadow plague that turned light creatures into dark creatures. It was later found out that the plague was started by the demon Kurisock with the help of Ephira. The plague was stopped by Lena using a magical stone retrieved from the Fairy Queen.

Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary

Graulas gives Seth key information on how to steal the Unicorn horn from the centaurs at Grunhold and formally makes Seth a Shadow Charmer.

Keys to the Demon Prison

The demon prison Zzyzx is opened by Graulas and Nagi Luna. The Knights of the Dawn delay them long enough for the secret plan formed by Bracken and the founders of Zzyzx to work, turning the old Fairy Realm into the new Demon Prison.


Kendra speaks with a demon named Jubaya, who hides in a sludge pit inside the new Fairy Realm. She requests that Seth should seek out Talizar, Batoosa, and/or Vez Radim. Later, Seth unintentionally finds and denies aid from Talizar in the Path of Dreams.