Dezia is a short phantom who used to live on the island of Timbuli at the dragon sanctuary Crescent Lagoon. She is a short, semitransparent ethereal being with gauzy wrappings flowing around her like in a breeze. The phantom wears a wooden mask with crude holes cut for eyes, nose, and mouth, embellished by ornamental carvings, but when Dezia talks, the carved mouth moves as if speaking.

She lived in a crypt under the island and was guarded by six wraiths, one of them known as Midnight. Dezia had a token in the form of a wooden doll. The doll had reedy hair made from dried grass, divots for eyes, and a simple smile painted onto the dark wood of the token. If the doll was to be destroyed, Dezia would be enabled to move more freely around the sanctuary.


As all phantoms, Dezia was created by a tragedy. She was born many years ago when fifteen firewalkers lost their lives inside the Baga Loa volcano, who then were buried beneath the burning coals protecting her crypt.  

Master of the Phantom Isle

Seth dealt with Dezia and they came to an agreement: that Dezia would reveal what she knew about the Everbloom’s location if Seth vowed to throw her token into the Baga Loa volcano. Ronodin and the Sphinx knew that Dezia hadn’t revealed all she knew and they told Seth to not throw the token in the volcano and instead exploit the phantom

Dezia was later forced to lead Seth to the Everbloom while her token remained with the Sphinx. When she had successfully taken Seth to the flower, he felt bad. He broke the connection Dezia had to the doll using his shadow charmer abilities, then he took a flower petal from the Everbloom and turned it into Dezia’s new token and dropped it into the lava, freeing the phantom from the crypt.


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