Doren is a satyr that lives in the forests of Fablehaven with his friend Newel. He firsts meets Kendra and Seth in the first book, and befriends them after escaping from a disturbed ogress. He is a television and party loving creature, and often gets into mischief with Newel.

Fablehaven Series


When Kendra and Seth are exploring the forest, Newel appears and is about to steal the soup of an Ogress, but the ogress find them and chases them away. After that, Doren introduces Newel to the children, and they ask for batteries for their portable TV.

Rise of the Evening Star

Seth trades Doren and Newel batteries for Nero's golden belt.


Doren looks a lot like Newel, except that his horns are a bit shorter and his hair is less red.

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