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"Dragons are magical from the tips of their fangs to the ends of their tails. The old ones are among the most ancient creatures on the planet. Highly intelligent, they have their own unique languages, but often speak hundreds of additional tongues. No two dragons are identical. They have diverse appearances, various breath weapons, and distinct spell-casting capabilities. Much like humans, dragons have a wide array of personalities. Some are just. Others are wicked."
Trask about dragons

A dragon is an extremely powerful, usually bewinged creature. They are highly intelligent and have unnaturally sharp claws and fangs. Their scales are remarkably durable, and they have light and strong bones. Dragons never fully stop growing, and therefore, adult dragons can be much larger than many apartment buildings.

Dragons possess various breath weapons, the most common being fire. They can also exude a paralyzing aura of magical fear that immobilizes most creatures, as well as assuming a human avatar. Dragons have their own language too, but often speak hundreds of additional tounges.


Physical appearance

There are no identical dragons; every dragon is unique. They have diverse appearances. Most dragons appear reptilian, though some bear more resemblance to wolves, lions, or oxen. The majority of dragons have scales, some smooth and small, others rough and weathered. Some dragons appear metallic, while others are furry.

Many mature dragons can also assume a human form. The metamorphosis is so complete that even a dragon cannot identify another dragon in human form. The only way for another being to recognize a dragon in human shape would be if they'd seen them transform before.


All dragons have different personalities, some being just, others wicked. Adult dragons also like to toy with their food, while the younger are more impulsive. Even though there are no guarantees with dragons, most mature dragons prefer when their prey, in this case, humans, talks tough and has personality. Young dragons prefer flattery.


As apex predators, dragons eat almost whatever they want. Typical creatures that fall prey to dragons include cattle, whales, elephants, walruses, elk, giants, and perytons. They occasionally eat humans as well, even though most are not very fond of the taste. At times, they will also consume the dragon meal exported from Terrabelle.


The Age of Dragons

The Age of Dragons was a time when Dragons were free to roam the world. They began with attacking ships and caravans, then villages and towns. Even cities. Some Wizards, Enchantresses, and Dragon Slayers thought that it had gone too far, and began to try to confine the Dragons to Sanctuaries, they eventually succeeded and the Age of Dragons ended. Though the majority of dragons were confined to the sanctuaries, a few dragons (the dragons that sided with Dragonwatch) were permitted to live in the wilds as long as they adhered to certain rules.

Grip of the Shadow Plague

Hal shows Gavin and Kendra the skeleton of Ranticus in the Lost Mesa museum, donated by Patton Burgess. The Knights of the Dawn later encounter the coppery dragon Chalize inside Painted Mesa on their way in and out of the vault. Days after the mission, she escapes, and the preserve falls.

Seth finds out from Graulas that the former captive of the Quiet Box was the demon dragon Navarog, who helped initiate the shadow plague at Fablehaven.

Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary

The Knights of the Dawn journey to Wyrmroost to recover the key to the Translocator. Moments after entering, they met Camarat, who screens any and all visitors to the sanctuary. After being caught up in a swarm of perytons, they barely escape from Nafia, which reveals that Kendra and Seth are dragon tamers when they hold their hands and combine powers.

When the entire group is kidnapped by griffins and taken to Thronis, Kendra meets and is assisted by Raxtus, who takes her to the Fairy Queen's Shrine and then the Dragon Temple. Inside the Dragon Temple, the Knights encounter and slay Glommus and Siletta. One of the Precious Figurines retrieved for Thronis was a dragon worked in red stone.

Nearly cornered in an ambush from several unnamed dragons after exiting the Temple, Gavin reveals himself as Navarog, killing all the attacking dragons. Trapped inside Sidestep Cleft and unable to change back into a dragon, Navarog is eaten by Raxtus.

Keys to the Demon Prison

Raxtus helped Kendra, Warren, and Bracken flee Living Mirage and locate the Eternals. In preparation for the Battle of Zzyzx, Bracken tasks Raxtus with recruiting help from Agad at Wyrmroost. Agad brings Camarat, Celebrant, Raxtus, and some other dragons (likely Madrigus, Obregon, Jaleesa, and/or Mobando) to help fight the demons and form the new demon prison.


Kendra and Seth become co-caretakers of Wyrmroost along with Celebrant. After consulting with the Somber Knight at Terrabelle, they make their way to the Dragon Dromadus' Lair. In order to retrieve the seventh Scepter, Kendra and Seth enters the Path of Dreams with Dromadus' permission. Inside of the Path of Dreams, they meet Burelli, who guards the Scepter. Kendra and Seth gets a sporting chance to get it and barely succeeds.


Outside of Dromadus' Lair they find Mobando, who chases Henrick all the way back to Blackwell Keep.

Wrath of the Dragon King

Kendra and Seth have to attend to the Feast of Welcome at Skyhold, hosted by Celebrant. While there, they gets to see a dragon duel, Celebrant against Madrigus. Celebrant is victorious and Madrigus' body will be disrespected because of his treason.

Some time later, Kendra, Seth, Tanu, and Eve gets forced off the Safe Road by the Taurans of Wyrmroost, lead by Amulon, a Rumitaur. While outside of the road, the Dragon Jaleesa captures Kendra and takes her to Celebrant, and at the same time, the Somber Knight kills both Chiro and Numrum.

Raxtus eventually rescues Kendra from Celebrant and barely manages to get her to the Zowali Protectorate alive.

Magical abilities and skills



The first ever dragon. His skull was made into the Sovereign Skull.


A dragon who lived at Wyrmroost and was secretly passed information about activities at Blackwell Keep by the minotaur Tonak.


A shadowy black dragon with a close relationship with the enchantress Isadore.


A dragon who lived at Wyrmroost and was part of Celebrant's guard.


The guardian of the seventh scepter at the end of the Path of Dreams.


Notes and references

  1. According to Agad, there has been a decline in dragons, possibly making them endangered.