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"Dragon Sanctuaries are unlike any other preserve you may have visited. Some protections are usually afforded to the caretaker, who also serves as the gatekeeper. Otherwise there are no protections for visitors. These sanctuaries were founded as a home for creatures too large and powerful to cohabit with the beings at the more traditional preserves."
Trask, on dragon sanctuaries[src]

The Seven Dragon Sanctuaries are home to dragons, mountain trolls, rocs, phoenixes, basilisks, wyverns, and other beings too powerful to coexist at traditional preserves. They were the first preserves, created by the wizards of Dragonwatch. They were founded as early as 1000 B.C. and added to up until the Dark Ages.

While four are technically open to human visitation, three are entirely closed off to visitors. These three - Wyrmroost, Soaring Cliffs, and Titan Valley - each contain a Dragon Temple. Wyrmroost is perhaps the most well known, as it is home to Celebrant the Just, the current Dragon King. Soaring Cliffs is considered the most chaotic, and Titan Valley is the largest and most secure of any preserve in the world.

All are shielded by incredibly powerful distracter spells. The one over Crescent Lagoon is described to be so potent that even a person observing a satellite image of the area will be unable to focus on it.

In addition to being physically confined to the Sanctuaries, the non-magical world is further protected from dragons by the power of the Sovereign Skull and five Legendary Dragon Slayers. Even if dragons escaped the Sanctuaries, the Skull would need to be destroyed for them to interact with the mortal world.

The Seven Sanctuaries

Name Location Status Type Caretaker

(Most Recent)



Crescent Lagoon The Pacific Ocean Fallen Open Savani Unknown
Frosted Peaks Tibet Fallen Open Unknown Unknown
Isla del Dragón Unknown Fallen Open Unknown Unknown
Polar Plains Unknown Fallen Open Unknown Unknown
Soaring Cliffs Unknown Fallen Closed Agad Unknown
Titan Valley New Zealand Fallen Closed Imani Unknown
Wyrmroost Montana, USA Fallen Closed Kendra and Seth Sorenson Unknown (x3)

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