Dragonwatch: Champion of The Titan Games is the fourth book in the Dragonwatch series. It is about a Gladiator Arena in Titan Valley. The Book was released on October 13, 2020.

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The book contains much of the information noted in the last book, as well as some other characters, like Merek, Reggie, Cyllia, Virgil, and also new dragons, some dangerous and some kept captive by the Giant Queen. The Giant Queen is disposed, however, when a group of dragons, including Celebrant, storm the castle. When the Giant Queen falls, all enchantments were broken, and three servants of Kendra's group were turned back into dragons. One dragon tried to eat the group, but the other two calmed it down and protested in their behalf. However, what the dragons didn't know was that Kendra's group were aiming for the Harp of Ages, one of the legendary items that would supposedly make every dragon within a huge radius asleep for about a week, as Tanu said. Meanwhile, Seth discovered that Reggie was the memories of Merek, and Merek told Seth the true path to Humbuggle's Games. Apparently, they were supposed to use the Unforgiving Blade to chop the Harp of Ages, and so Seth also ventured to the Dragon Temple. After Kendra recovered the precious Harp, Seth chopped it down, but, when given several options, he chopped the Wizenstone and it was revealed that Humbuggle was a servant to it. After he had chopped it, though, he was caught by Celebrant, who threw him in jail. Seth didn't care, as he recovered his memories and rued himself. At the end, though, Seth escaped using Vasilis, provided by Whiner, to provide his debt to the Singing Sisters.

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