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Dwarves are waist-high, stocky men and women who were homespun clothing, these creatures live underground at Fablehaven and at Blackwell Keep at Wyrmroost and prefer to keep to themselves. It's sometimes tricky to distinguish male and female dwarves because women dwarves have whiskers and are known for their unladylike manners.

In Rise of the Evening Star, a dark hooded dwarf is one of the creatures guarding the artifact in the Inverted Tower, but he never makes a physical appearance.

In Grip of the Shadow Plague, some dwarves took refuge around the pond which surrounded the Fairy Queen's shrine during the shadow plague. Dwarves are among the creatures that got affected by the shadow plague. Seth thought that some of them were male but upon closer look, the dwarves then appeared to be female.

Later they assisted in the final battle between light and darkness that was led by Patton.

In Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary, a male dwarf named Zogo was riding a griffin and he kidnapped Seth, Tanu, Trask, Gavin, Dougan, and Mara at Wyrmroost with the help of a fume of griffins and took them to the sky giant Thronis. He is a stocky little dwarf who belonges to Thronis, the Sky Giant. He commands a pride of griffins. He carried a short sword and a battered shield emblazoned with a yellow fist and wore a dented iron helmet over his head - all indicative of his experience in battle. His bronzed skin, black eyes, and stubbly beard added to his hardy appearance.

In Keys to the Demon Prison, a dwarf named Tollin was brought onto the Fablehaven preserve, he later betrays them and steals the Translocator. Most of the people at Fablehaven gets captured.

In Dragonwatch, two dwarves named Didger and Obun is employed at Blackwell Keep at Wyrmroost. Their job is to take care of the stables and the animals there. They help saddling the Luvians and griffins.

In Wrath of the Dragon King, three dwarves helps Kendra, Seth, and Tanu to fly with the griffins to the feast at Skyhold. The demon Humbuggle appeared as a dwarf when holding the contest at Stormguard Castle.

Known Dwarves