The Eternals are five mortals who, centuries ago, were given a nearly immortal life after they volunteered to be "locks" for Zzyzx. As long as there was at least one Eternal alive, Zzyzx could not be opened. This placed them right in the way of the Society of the Evening Star, who hunted them down. The Eternals were each given a guardian shapeshifter who would protect them at all times, and whose very existence was tied to that of their Eternal. The Eternals do not age, and can only be killed by Phoenix, Unicorn, or Dragon magic. The eternals were all tied to the 5 artifacts, especially the Sands of Sanctity and the Font of Immortality, to keep them healthy with rapid healing and to halt their physical aging.

Spoiler Alert

After the war with the demons at Zzyzx, Kendra thinks eventually, she may like to become an eternal to live theoretically forever with Bracken, the unicorn.

The Sphinx wanted to become a new eternal after the demon's were released, and was permitted to do so.

Death Causes

  • Phoenix and phoenix feather tipped weapons
  • Unicorn horns
  • Dragon tipped items or Dragon magic

5 Eternals/Dead:

  1. ? - killed by Sphinx before obtaining Oculus,thought to be a middle aged looking man with an exotic bird on his shoulder, presumably his shape-shifting protector.
  2. ? - killed by Sphinx after obtaining Oculus
  3. Roon Osricson located at a stronghold in Findland (Ship Breaker Fjord)
  4. Mark located in Santa Monica, California
  5. Civia located in Dallas, Texas

The 5 New Eternals

1. The Sphinx, allowed to become the first eternal for the new demon prison as punishment for his crimes.

2. TBA

3. TBA

4. TBA

5. TBA