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The Everbloom is a singular flower that lives at the center of the volcano Baga Loa, on the island of Timbuli. It radiates light, almost like a stained-glass window with the sun behind it, and has an unimaginable complexity of endless colors in its petals. With a golden stem and leaves that has a glow like heated metal, the vibrant patterns of the bloom shifts.

The blossom no bigger than a fist and the stem barely a foot tall, it imbues the islands of Crescent Lagoon with life and magic. To remove the flower from Baga Loa would mean to harm the archipelago of Crescent Lagoon, as it would do irreversible damage to the ecosystem, with some magical life forms going extinct.

Master of the Phantom Isle

Seth is sent into Baga Loa by Ronodin to retrieve the Everbloom for the Underking. Deciding not to take the Everbloom for the Underking, Seth leaves the vulcano and the Everbloom remains in the center of Baga Loa.


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