Ezabar lives in the Under Realm, behind an ancient wooden door bound in iron. The tomblike room he resides consists partly of a large slab, where he seems to sit. His faintly glowing skin has a blue tint and is translucent enough to see the bones inside his hands and behind his face. Ezabar wears a long chainmail hauberk under a white tunic and has a large broadsword. When he stands he hovers a few inches above the ground.

The undead being is the guardian of the prison in the Under Realm and is likely something close to a lich


Ages ago, Ezabar dwelled in the country of Selona, located in Europe. While living there, he knew a boy called Toleron, son of the Duke of Hester.

Master of the Phantom Isle

When Seth was taken to the Under Realm by Ronodin, Seth asked a wraith to lead him to Ezabar. In exchange for permitting Seth to see the prisoners, Ezabar made Seth vow to seek up Toleron and tell him what became of the boy.

Ezabar also let Kendra into the prison to save Bracken when she had the Fairy Queen’s crown.  


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