Fablehaven is one of the preserves for magical creatures, and is the main focus of the Fablehaven series. Fablehaven's forests, groves, swamps and marshes is where the bulk of its wildlife are kept. The preserve's current caretakers are Stan Sorenson and Ruth Sorenson. Fablehaven is one of five secret preserves that holds a secret artifact, all five artifacts combined can open Zzyzx, the worlds largest Demon Prison. Also the preserve is divided to light, dark and neutral grounds on where the creatures can enter their given land.

The preserve is protected by covenants, or agreements that are ratified by all orders of whimsical life forms who dwell there in order to create a measure of security for the mortal caretakers. This had to happen because mortal man became a dominant force in the world, and enchanted creatures needed a place to flee to. This lets people interact with the magical beings of Fablehaven in safety. The covenants are based o the law of harvest and the law of retribution. So if you don't bother the creatures, they won't bother you. But if you hurt them, they can hurt you back.

In ancient times, the Demon Bahumat terrorized the natives that resided on the lands here. They learned to avoid certain locations, but they were never truly safe. When a group of Europeans offered to overthrow the Demon in exchange for the land he haunted, the leader of the village sceptically accepted the offer. After suceeding in subduing the Demon, the Europeans founded Fablehaven a few years later, that being 1711.


Kendra and Seth were brought to Fablehaven by their parents because of the last will of their grandparents were that the family will go on a 17-day cruise to Scadinavia when they die. They were introduced to Fablehaven by the clues hidden in their attic room. They will later discover all the magical creatures that lurk there.

Rise of the Evening Star

Kendra and Seth return to Fablehaven after Vanessa takes them there from their home after their grandfather arranged for them to come to Fablehaven. Fablehaven is infiltrated by the Society of the Evening Star and subsequently, everyone is under control by Vanessa, who is actually a Narcoblix. Seth, after surviving being swallowed by Olloch the Glutton, goes and removes the Revenant's nail and allows Warren to recover. Warren and Kendra then goes to the Inverted Tower to retrieve the secret artifact, the Sands of Sanctity but not before fighting a Minotaur and slaying a giant cat. The Sphinx later takes the Sands of Sanctity away with him.

Grip of the Shadow Plague

Kendra and the Knights of the Dawn goes after a secret artifact at the secret preserve Lost Mesa while Fablehaven is almost overthrown by a shadow plague that turns light creatures into dark creatures, the plague was started by the Society of the Evening Star. Kendra retrieves a magical stone from the Fairy Queen's Shrine and that allows them to stop the plague, sadly, Lena the Naiad lost her life in the process.

Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary

Kendra is thought to be dead when she was kidnapped by the Society of the Evening Star. Her captor, Torina Barker is a Lectoblix. Kendra manages to escape with the help of an Extradimensional Backpack and a Stingbulb. When Kendra is back at Fablehaven, the Knights of the Dawn decides that they are going after the vault key at the Dragon Sanctuary Wyrmroost. Kendra, Seth, and the Knights of the Dawn barely manages to retrieve the key and get out alive.

Keys to the Demon Prison

Kendra and Seth has to stop the Zzyzx from opening. They fly to the secret preserve, Obsidian Waste, and retrieves the Translocator. They used the Translocator to try and rescue some of their friends at the secret preserve, Living Mirage. However, everything fails and all but Warren gets captured. Warren, Kendra, the Unicorn Bracken, Seth, Vanessa, Newel, Doren, and Hugo all work together to prepare to make a last stand against the Demons. Thanks to a smart plan designed by the Wizards that founded Zzyzx, the Knights of the Dawn, with the help of Fairies, Phoenixes, Astrids etc, manages to outsmart the Demons and locks them up in a new prison.


Seth gets chased by the Ogre Mung when he tries to use Knox the retrieve some gold from their territory.

Wrath of the Dragon King

Knox and Tess discovers the magical creatures and escapes Fablehaven using the magical barrel leading to Blackwell Keep.

Creatures found in Fablehaven

Magical Items found in Fablehaven



The Barn is just behind the house. It is five stories tall, and has a weather vane. It holds the Milch Cow Viola.

Cormac's Cave

Cormac's Cave is located behind a waterfall at Fablehaven. Cormac, the Leprechaun, is able to enter through the waterfall into a tunnel with a snap with his fingers. The first cave is quadrangular with smoothed corners and consists of loose stones and large, uncut emeralds. It smells old pipe smoke.

After a while, the tunnel widens to a cirkular room with several wooden doors. Small and big barrels stands along the walls. One of the doors leads into a wardrobe the first time opened. The second time its leads to a long tunnel, and the third time the door opens Cormac's treasure room is accesible.

The large treasure room itself consist of shelves, chests, and crates. The shelves are filled with valuables, like elegant porcelain figures, beads, glazed urns, figurines of carved ivory, jeweled cups, and a large collection of snuff boxes. On the walls hangs old paintings in gilded frames. Three richly ornamented knights stood togheter in a corner togheter with some halberds. The clock, the musicbox, and the whistle were situated in a wooden box.

Eastern Hayfield

The Eastern Hayfield is a location on the preserve that Stan Sorenson takes care of.


The Forest's entrance holds dense undergrowth and contains gnarled trees that have thorny leaves and black bark, with moss and lichen growing on their trunks. Some of the trees have ivy twisting around their bases. A crooked path at the entrance heads northeast, which then it forks, with one end going northwest, and the other going east. If the east path is took, the space between the trees increases, and the shrubs grow closer to the ground, along with the forest becoming lighter. Farther into the path on one side reveals Muriel's Ivy Shack hidden among the trees. A different part contains a tall barrier of unkempt bushes, which can be gone through at certain parts. It leads to the pond. The forest is actually huge, and extends for miles in many different ways, leading to different areas of the preserve.

Forgotten Chapel

The Forgotten Chapel is a very old building, one of the original structures along with the cabin and the old manor. It held Bahumat for approximately two centuries, until Muriel Taggert attempted to release him in Fablehaven. In the subsequent battle with the giant fairies, Bahumat and Muriel were imprisoned, and the chapel hidden beneath a hill where they remain to this day.

Graulas' Cave

Graulas' Cave stinks of rotten fruit. The demon Graulas once resided there, but when Seth healed him, he teleported out of there, leaving it empty to this day.

Great Marsh

The Great Marsh of Fablehaven is a mysterious, large expanse of soupy terrain that's one of the most perilous, least explored areas of the Fablehaven preserve. An abundance of moss and vines burden the trees, and shreds of mist swirl near the ground. The warm air reeks of decay. Fuzzy mushrooms and slimy rocks decorate half-drowned islands. Various paths run through the marsh, some real, some counterfeit. Explorers must beware of the Swamp Hag, who uses fake trails to lure travelers to their demise.


The Greenhouse can be reached after following a faint trail through the woods. Half of the greenhouse had been covered with all sorts of pumpkins the night before Midsummer's Eve. Besides plants, the glass structure contained a generator to power the lights and climate control.

Grim Marsh

The Grim Marsh is a location at Fablehaven and is the home to Liches. Hugo knows where it is located.



The Grove was one of the most cursed lands of Fablehaven, a revenant resided there, with a magical nail in it's throat. The nail gave it extreme powers, such as radiating fear. A sinister feeling hangs over the area. The grove itself consists of leafless trees, and some wooden pillars supporting some leafs and branches. There is almost no undergrowth.


Grunhold is a ring of stones that is the home of the centaurs of Fablehaven. Grunhold is kept alive by the soul of Grunhold, which is Bracken's first unicorn horn. The soul of Grunhold repels darkness, thus, it is a safe haven for light creatures at times of turmoil such as the time when the shadow plague hit Fablehaven.

Tauran Maze

The Tauran Maze holds the Soul of Grunhold deep inside a hill topped by warding stones. The Tauran Maze's protective, invisible walls are laced with fatal spells. Any intruder who touches them will be instantly struck down. Such contact also raises an alarm. At the heart of the almost unsolvable maze awaits Udnar the Mountain Troll as a final obstacle.

The entrance to the maze lies beneath the southernmost warding stone, which is too large to move and is bound in place by a spell. However, each night, two hours before dawn, the warding stones march for an hour, trading places. For that hour of the night, while the stones are marching, the entrance to the maze lies uncovered.

The walls of the maze are not invisible to shadow charmers, and so, Seth stole the Soul of Grunhold (Bracken's first horn) from the centaurs in Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary.

Inverted Tower

The Inverted Tower is a structure that serves as a vault for the hidden artifact at Fablehaven. Located in the Revenant's Grove, the entrance to the tower lies in the middle of a clearing where stands a sizable, raised platform of reddish stone flecked with black and gold. At the center of this spacious platform is a round socket surrounded by multiple circular grooves that radiate out like the rings around a bull's eye. To gain access, a key must be inserted into the socket. Once the key is in place, the outer rings drop away one at a time, until a conical stsircase is formed, which leads down to a chamber.

This first chamber of three is not much larger than the widest ring of stone, its floor a single slab of bedrock. There is nothing in the chamber except a pair of doors at opposite ends. One section of the chamber's wall is covered in writings in various languages, including a few repeated messages in English and fairy languages. Behind both doors are false staircases. Along the wall is an invisible entrance with a genuine set of stair leading to the next chamber. The second chamber is large and circular. White stones set in the domed ceiling provide illumination. Deep, golden sand-some of which is quicksand-covers the floor. Monsters are depicted on the walls of this chamber- a blue woman with six arms and the body of a serpent, a Minotaur, a huge Cyclops, a dark man who appears human from the waist up but has the body and legs of a spider, an armored snakelike man wearing an elaborate headdress, and a Dwarf in a hooded cloak. Each figure has a key around its neck. On the far side of the room is a door painted on the wall. When touched, the painting becomes an actual door, but it's locked. One of the monsters' keys will open the door, but all of the monsters also become real when touched. Defeat a monster to obtain a key.

Once the correct key is used, the door will open to reveal another stairway that descends to the third chamber. On the floor is a complex mosaic depicting primates engaged in an enormous battle in tall trees. The mosaic's perspective is from the ground looking up and creates a disorienting effect. The instant the chamber is entered, the primates come to life, frenzied beasts intent on killing.

Once the apes are defeated, however, a passageway on the opposite side of the room opens to yet another stairway, which in turn opens to the fourth and final room, where a glass, black cat guardian sits atop of a pedestal, a key hanging around the feline's neck. Once the guardian is defeated, the hidden artifact will be revealed.    

Kurisock's Realm

Kurisock's Realm is a dreaded area. A few years ago, this was the home of the powerful demon Kurisock, before he perished. His realm mainly consists of a large tar pit where many valuable items can be found. For example, a whole set of adamant gear.

Main House

The Main House is a large, victorian-esque house with gables and a turret. It is constructed out of dark wood and stone, and is old but in good repair. The windows are made of bubbly glass and birds nest hang under the eaves. The house is magically protected from the creatures that does not have access from the Register.


The Backyard is a gorgeously manicured place. Paths of white stones wind through flower beds, hedgerows, vegetable gardens, fruit trees, and flowering plants, where they end at the pool. Suspened lattices held tangled grapevines. The pool in the backyard had a black bottom, and was decorated with rocks to give it the appearance of a pond. Next to the pool lies a small, waterless fountain with a frog on top and an empty birdbath. Beside the pool were a few recliners and a circular table with a big umbrella.


From The Driveway is the house not visible until after a long stretch of this gravel driveway which angles of sight and into some trees. Signs along the driveway denote the place as private property and they say things like Private Property, No Trespassing, Beware of .12 Gauge, Trespassers Will Be Persecuted, and Certain Death Awaits. A low metal gate can be seen, which can be shut to prevent access. After rounding another bend, a tall, wrought-iron fence can be seen topped with fleurs-de-lis. The fence extends off into the trees as far as can be seen in both directions.


The Dungeon at Fablehaven is located in the basement of the main house. It is locked behind an iron door and contains numerous dangerous foes, such as imps, although, most of the cells are empty. In one corridor a bloodred door stands, behind it is the Hall of Dread. Inside the Hall of Dread is a lot of wraiths, phantoms, and specters imprisoned. At the end of another, much smaller passage, lies the Oubliette, a circular room that contains the Jinn that turned Ruth Sorenson into a chicken. If you head of into a passage from the main corridor, you'll find the Quiet Box. The original prisoner of the Quiet Box at Fablehaven was Navarog, the demon prince, but later it changed to Vanessa, and then a stingbulb version of Kendra.

Entry Room

The Entry Room of the house is covered in glossy wood. On top of a low table there is an arrangement of flowers in a white ceramic vase. On one side of the room there is a tall, brass coat rack standing next to a black bench with a high, curved back. On the wall of the room hangs a painting of a fox hunt. On a table lies a decorative chess set with intricate pieces.

Living Room

The Living Room consists of a wood floor where a a huge, embroidered throw rug that covers almost the whole room lies. A wooden clock is hangng on the wall. It also has a fireplace.


The Playroom is behind a white door and leads to a cheerful area of the house, which is not found in an ordinary attic. It is spacious, clean, bright, and long. There are two beds, shelves crowded with children's books, freestanding wardrobes, tidy dressers, a unicorn rocking horse, multiple toy chests, and a chicken cage. On the bottom of the unicorn was a keyhole. The third key Grandpa Sorenson had given Kendra opened the lock. A small hatch swung open, and many rose-shaped chocolates wrapped in gold foil and a tiny key fell out. One toy chest contained old-fashioned soldiers, dolls, puzzles, stuffed animals, and wooden blocks. There is an ornate Victorian dollhouse with expensive toys. Unlatching the clasps reveals a two story house with many rooms full of tiny furniture. A father, mother, son, daughter, and baby were in the house. Many details could be found such as quilts, blankets, sheets, and pillows were on the beds, the couches had removable cushions, the bathtub knob turned, and the closets had clothes inside them. The armorer in the dollhouse revealed a gold key and a rosebud-shaped chocolate when opened. In the corner of the room lies a piano. On the other side of the room canvases lean against a wall next to some shelves stocked with paint. There is also a calendar from 1953 on the wall. Near one of the beds there is a purple cord hanging against a wall. Near the bubbly glass window stood a telescope. On the opposite side of the windows, lies several rows of bookcases.The door to the stairs was built into that same wall, with a bulky, freestanding wardrobe being backed up against it.  A jewelry box in the room was opened by Kendra when she used a key Stan Sorenson gave her. It contained fake diamond necklaces, pearl earrings, emerald pendants, sapphire rings, and ruby bracelets, and the final key she needed to open the Journal of Secrets. Other toys can be found there such as a triangular board with fifteen and fourteen pegs. The object was to jump pegs like checkers until you had only one left. The number of pegs you left stranded on the board determined your score. Leaving five or more pegs left and the directions considered you hopeless, leaving three was typical, two was good, and one was genius. The attic playroom is the safest place in the house. Extra protections have been placed on it so children can be safe.

Secret Attic

The Secret Attic is a secret room accessable through the bathroom, it holds many rare items and other magical accessories. The turret on the house is reachable from the attic, it held a secret message from Patton Burgess. The attic has been a perfect place to use the Chronometer.

Study Room

In The Study Room a huge desk cluttered with papers is the first thing noticed. The massive head of a hairy boar with jutting tusks hung mounted on the wall. A collection of grotesque wooden masks rested on a shelf. Golfing trophies lined another. Plaques decorated the wood-paneled walls, along with a framed display of military medals and ribbons. There was a black-and-white picture of a much younger Grandpa Sorenson showing off an enormous marlin. On the desk, inside a crystal sphere with a flat bottom, was an eerie replica of a human skull no bigger than a thumb, which is probably that of a fairy's. In front of the desk are two high-backed leather armchairs, and behind contains another chair.  A grandfather clock stands near a wall.

Tree House 

The Tree House stands in the corner of the yard opposite to the barn. The back side of thick tree held up a light blue playhouse. Its position made it hard to be found from most of the yard. The paint was peeling a little, but the littlehouse had shingles on the roof and curtains in the window. Boards had been nailed into the tree to form a ladder. The rungs led up to a trapdoor, and when pushed open, reveals a big room. There was a little table with four chairs, and a jigsaw puzzle. The tree house was destroyed by the fairies and the repaired by Hugo and Grandpa Sorenson


The Yard is described as being big with lots of gables and a turret. Just before the house lies a wrought-iron gate. It is constructed out of dark wood and stone, and is in good condition, but looks old. In front of the house lies a flower garden, manicured hedges, and a fish pond. The door of the house has bulky hinges with a Goblin shaped knocker that holds a ring in its mouth. 

Muriel Taggert's Ivy Shack

The Ivy Shack is a dilapidated structure, overgrown by thick ivy and constructed around a large tree stump, functions as Muriel Taggert's prison at Fablehaven. Muriel sits inside, gnawing at the magical knotted rope that binds her for her crimes.



The pond

The Pond is a couple of hundred yards across, with a small, verdant island at the center. A shrine to the Fairy Queen is situated on the island. Elaborate gazebos, interconnected by a whitewashed boardwalk, surround the pond. Flowering vines wound along the lattice work of the impressive promenade and had beautiful espaliers covered with delicious fruit such as nectarines. Elegant swans glided on the water. Butterflies and hummingbirds wove and darted among the blossoms. On the far side of the pond, peacocks strutted and preened. The lawn was lunch and neatly mowed. The gazebos on there were white and had smooth wood railing. Although unshielded from the elements, all the woodwork appeared to be in flawless condition: no peeling paint, no cracks, no splinters. The gazebo was furnished with white wicker love seats and chairs. In some places the ubiquitous vines had been woven into living wreaths and other fanciful patterns. Parrots, monkeys, and goats can also be found there. Each of the twelve pavilions there were unique. One had a small white quay projecting into the pond. The little pier was connected to floating shed that is actually a boathouse. The medium sized boathouse was locked on the outside.

Old Manor

The Old Manor was once the main house and center of the Fablehaven community, this impressive manor, surprisingly intact compared to the road and the other dwellings that surround it, is three stories tall, with four large pillars in the front and a circular driveway. Flowering vines twist around the pillars and climb the gray walls. Weeds and young trees grow up from the flagstone road leading to the manor. Off to the side of this path are the decaying remnants of a humble cabin and a few smaller shelters.


The Stables at Fablehaven holds all of the animals, whether they are used for food or transportation. They have bison, ostriches, llamas, and many traditional animals.

Valley of the Four Hills

The Valley of the Four Hills is a large, open valley with a rounded hill at each corner. Tall brush covers the ground, mingling with prickly weeds. A dark stand of trees looms at the far end of the valley between the largest hills. There is almost no undergrowth in the grove, just rank upon rank of gray pillars supporting its leafy canopy. Many areas of Fablehaven carry terrible curses and are protected by ghastly fiends. The grove in the Valley of the Four Hills is one of the most dreaded.

The revenant once inhabited this cursed land, but Seth defeated him using a courage potion.

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