The Playroom is behind a white door and leads to a cheerful area of the house, which is not found in an ordinary attic. It is spacious, clean, bright, and long. There are two beds, shelves crowded with children's books, freestanding wardrobes, tidy dressers, a unicorn rocking horse, multiple toy chests, and a chicken cage. On the bottom of the unicorn was a keyhole. The third key Grandpa Sorenson had given Kendra opened the lock. A small hatch swung open, and many rose-shaped chocolates wrapped in gold foil and a tiny key fell out. One toy chest contained old-fashioned soldiers, dolls, puzzles, stuffed animals, and wooden blocks. There is an ornate Victorian dollhouse with expensive toys. Unlatching the clasps reveals a two story house with many rooms full of tiny furniture. A father, mother, son, daughter, and baby were in the house. Many details could be found such as quilts, blankets, sheets, and pillows were on the beds, the couches had removable cushions, the bathtub knob turned, and the closets had clothes inside them. The armorer in the dollhouse revealed a gold key and a rosebud-shaped chocolate when opened. In the corner of the room lies a piano. On the other side of the room canvases lean against a wall next to some shelves stocked with paint. There is also a calendar from 1953 on the wall. Near one of the beds there is a purple cord hanging against a wall. Near the bubbly glass window stood a telescope. On the opposite side of the windows, lies several rows of bookcases.The door to the stairs was built into that same wall, with a bulky, freestanding wardrobe being backed up against it.  A jewelry box in the room was opened by Kendra when she used a key Stan Sorenson gave her. It contained fake diamond necklaces, pearl earrings, emerald pendants, sapphire rings, and ruby bracelets, and the final key she needed to open the Journal of Secrets. Other toys can be found there such as a triangular board with fifteen and fourteen pegs. The object was to jump pegs like checkers until you had only one left. The number of pegs you left stranded on the board determined your score. Leaving five or more pegs left and the directions considered you hopeless, leaving three was typical, two was good, and one was genius. The attic playroom is the safest place in the house. Extra protections have been placed on it so children can be safe.

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