This is the official Fablehaven Wiki Spoiler Policy.

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We do not want to ruin anyone's book reading experience, so towards that end, every editor is asked to keep in line with this spoiler policy:

  • Up to, and until the release of a book in the series, no information about it is permitted on the wiki, except for the page of said book. Example: Until the release of Master of the Phantom Isle, information, like its synopsis, is only allowed on the page Master of the Phantom Isle. News and Blog pages are excluded from this rule, comments are not.
  • In the three weeks after the book's release, all information regarding it has to be warped in the template, Template:SpoilerFullPage. To do so, add the template SpoilerFullPage at the top of the page. If you only want sections of the page hidden, add SpoilerFullPage to the beggining and SpoilerEnd to the end of the content you want hidden. Example of the template bellow.

Example Spoiler filled page section, or full page.

  • All pages containing spoilers, before or after the release of a new book have to have the template Template:Spoiler on the top of the page. This template may be removed 3 months after the release of a new book. This rule applies to both normal and blog pages. Example of the template bellow.
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Unconfirmed Information

This wiki is a repository of accurate information about the Fablehaven and Dragonwatch series. Only information that has appeared in one of the books of the series, or the Caretaker's Guide to Fablehaven may be added to pages. That means no speculation, leaks, or fanon. Such information will be removed.

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