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The Fair Folk are nearly human-like beings that are nearly immortal. They tend to be very good-looking, hence the name. They are known to be extremely dedicated to staying neutral in every circumstance. They have a city in the preserve of Wyrmroost called Terrabelle though there is a community of fair folk in each of the dragon sanctuaries.

The Fair Folk are isolationists and live indifferent to others' conflicts, taking no sides and only fighting in self-defense. They believe that nothing good has ever come of the fair folk getting involved in others' conflicts or affairs, and by taking no sides they have lived a peace that no other society has.

While the majority agree with this point of view, there are a minority that feel otherwise, chiefly a Fair Folk man by the name of Lomo who even joined the Knights of the Dawn until he was captured and taken back to Terrabelle to be imprisoned.

The Fair Folk of Terrabelle are led by Lord Dalgorel.

Some of the Fair Folk lived at Stormguard Castle, when Wyrmroost was built, the majority went to live at Terrabelle. The Fair Folk at the castle were led by various leaders, the current being King Hollorix.

Known Fair Folks


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