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The Fairy King is the King of Fairies, husband of the Fairy Queen and father of Bracken and four daughters. He commanded the male Fairies during his time of reign. During that time, the Fairy Queen assigned Astrids to guard the Fairy King. However, the Demon King Gorgrog attacked the Fairies and 'killed' the Fairy King. This tragedy could have been prevented if the Astrids had not lowered their guard out of arrogance.

Because of his death, the male Fairies disappeared and the Imps were born. He was mentioned several times in Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary and Keys to the Demon Prison, and it was revealed that he was chained to Gorgrog as a trophy, dragged along in Zzyzx by the Demon King for centuries. After the Demon King got slain by Kendra Sorenson using the legendary sword, Vasilis, the Fairy King was brought back physically by the Sands of Sanctity and began to recuperate.

In the first book of the Dragonwatch series, the Fairy King protects Seth from Dragons chasing him by temporarily allowing him to enter the Fairy Realm. He then sends him to Fablehaven and states that he is eternally gratefully and owes Seth endless favors for bringing the sword that ended the Demon King and the Fairy King's suffering.

In "Master of the Phantom Isle", it is revealed by his son Bracken that Ronodin, the Fairy King's nephew, played a part in the tragedy that resulted in the Fairy King becoming Gorgrog's prisoner.


As King of the Fairies, The Fairy King was stated to possess immense amounts of power and was only stated to be surpassed by his wife, the Fairy Queen and the other Monarchs in strength.

  • Gifting: The Fairy King has shown to have the same ability of True Fairy's to grant gifts to mortals he favors similar to the True Fairy's "God children". As seen where he had gifted Seth Sorenson with unique magical abilities as payment for his debt to him for saving him.
    • Astrid Wings: The Fairy King was shown to have the ability to gift a mortal with the same type of wings the Astrids have. Effectively granting them the ability to fly and immunity to the harsh weather and elements to allow them to fly through the air even if the sky is in the middle of a thunder storm.