Fairy Queen Shrine

Fairy Queen's Shrines are places on preserves where humans and creatures can worship or ask for help from the Fairy Queen. They are usually guarded by magical beings such as Naiads, or like the Living Mirage Preserve, a Sphinx. The Fairy Queen turns anyone whose need she deems unworthy into dandelion seeds.

Known shrines are at Fablehaven, Living Mirage, Wyrmroost, Shoreless Isle, and Stony Vale. The Shrines can be shut down in emergencies, such as in Book 3's closing of a Shrine in order to make a magic pebble. The Shrines give off light, thus protecting those who walk near them from darkness.

The Fablehaven preserve's Shrine is protected by Naiads. The Shrine to the Fairy Queen at Fablehaven sits on a small island, not seventy paces in circumference, at the center of a sizable pond. Although the island lacks trees, it has many shrubs and a curious , small spring that bubbles from the ground near the center of the island. At the head of its stream sits a finely carved Fairy statue, no taller than two inches, which rests of a white pedestal. A small silver bowl sits in front of it.

At first the Shrine is mentioned, saying that a former groundskeeper who was in need of help, was turned into dandelion fluff as soon as he stepped onto the island. Later in the book, Kendra uses the paddleboat to reach the island, finding that she is allowed to step onto its banks. Once she finds the Shrine she prays for help retaining to her friends and family being held by Muriel the Witch, while she is trying to release Bahumat the Demon. The Fairy Queen answers her prayers and gives her the ingredients to an elixir to make fairies big and to help defeat Bahumat, Muriel, and the dark creatures that Muriel befriended.

Shrine Locations


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