Festival Nights happens during each solstice and the two equinoxes of each year. During the festivals, the boundaries that define where different creatures can enter dissolve, and consequently all of the magical creatures on a preserve are allowed to run free outside of their normal areas. Going outside during a festival night can be hazardous, and certain precautions must be made to ensure the security of those inside of the house. On the festival nights, nightmares take shape and prowl the yard. Ancient entities of supreme evil patrol the darkness in search of prey. The caretaker's quaters, and a few areas like Warren's cabin are safe from the various monsters that live in the preserve. Fablehaven itself has almost fallen twice during Midsummer's Eve. To defend against the mischievous beings that roam free on these nights, Fairy Lanterns are put out, as well as tribal masks, herbs, salt and other safeguards. On these nights, many tricks are used, and some involve artifice and illusion. Without drinking the milk, a person will become more susceptible to getting hurt because it will broaden the abilities of the creatures to mask their true appearance even more.

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