Fog Giants, though slow and clumsy, are also bloodthirsty, vicious killers. Inhabiting the Great Marsh of Fablehaven, they are primitive creatures who wear tattered, matted furs. Their filthy bodies are smeared with oily muck, and their skin is a sickly bluish-gray color. Their hair and beards are typically long and tangled with slime. Fog Giants can sense blood from several kilometers away.

In Rise of the Evening Star, a Fog Giant named Burlox gave Coulter some vital information on the location of the hidden artifact in exchange for a bison.

In Grip of the Shadow Plague, Warren discovered that Kurisock's Realm was guarded by a Fog Giant. Three Fog Giants were defending Ephira's tree when Kendra, Seth, Patton, Lena and other Creatures of Light attacked to end the Shadow Plague. Fog Giants don't turn into shadow versions of themselves.

In Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary, when Seth and Nero crossed the Great Marsh, a Fog Giant came close to them but it didn't hear or smell them.


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