Gavin Rose was a Knight of the Dawn, inducted into the group at the same time as Kendra. He appeared to be a fairly mild-manner young man with a stutter but was, in reality, the Dragon Prince Navarog. His abilities were originally explained as being an excellent dragon tamer, but eventually he revealed the cover story of being a dragon brother as his abilities quickly outstripped what was normal for a dragon tamer.

He revealed himself during the disastrous end to the mission at Wyrmroost while attempting to steal the key from Kendra. He ate Dougan, sent Mara flying down a cliff, and sliced Kendra across the chest, who was protected by the adamant mail armor Seth had given to her earlier in the book. He later lit the Knapsack on fire, trapping Warren inside it.

Unfortunately, hubris proved to be Navarog's downfall. As he trapped Kendra in the cleft, he was unable to transform from being a human back into a dragon and spent his time mocking her while her friend, the fairy dragon Raxtus, snuck up behind him and ate him in four quick bites.


Big Dragon

Navarog is a huge black dragon who was so evil that he was considered a prince in the demon world. He also has the ability - like most dragons - to become human for a period of time.

Gavin, hooded and bound in human form (unknown by the Sorensons) was led from the Quiet Box from which he was trapped in for eons by the Sphinx. He was later released onto the Fablehaven property to summon the shadow plague: he obtained the revenant's nail - pulled out by Seth Sorenson - and gave it to the demon, Kurisock, exiting that same day to leave Fablehaven to its fate.


  • Gavin is similar to Professor Quirrel in J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter as they both stutter to assume weakness.
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