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Goblins are big, thin, creepy creatures that are evil and tricked Seth on Midsummer's Eve in Fablehaven. The goblins outside the window were disguised as a crying baby and two mutated wolves. When Seth opened the window, the goblins came into the attic. Voorsh and Slaggo are the names of the Goblins that are in charge of upkeep in the Dungeon of Fablehaven. In Rise of the Evening Star, they said that they would only help Kendra and Seth escape if Grandpa Sorenson gave them a goose.

The one on Midsummer's Eve had yellow slits for eyes, a puckered nose, and a face like a dried cantaloupe. The head was bald and scabrous and was fringed with web like hair. The sinuous arms were gangly, the hands were long and leathery, and tipped with hooked claws. Ribs, collarbones, and pelvis jutted hideously. Spidery networks of veins bulged against maroon flesh. In Keys to the Demon Prison it is mentioned by a River Troll that Goblins have very low intelligence.

Known Goblins


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