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Gorgrog, or Gorgrog the Vile, was the king of Demons and, though not as tall as his son Brogo, just as formidable. His enormous humanoid figure is covered in thick fur, and his bullish head is topped with a tremendous rack of contorted antlers, encircled at the base by an iron crown. His roar is enough to completely drown out the clamor of a large battle. His weapon of choice is a huge, elaborate sword, its edges bristling with spikes and serrations. He drags his victim's corpses on the ground behind him, affixed to his wide belt by black chains.


Gorgrog was responsible for the downfall of the Fairy King, who he wore as a trophy hanging from his belt. The Fairy Queen held the Astrids responsible for the Fairy King's supposed death and stripped them of their power.

Keys to the Demon Prison

Gorgrog was killed by Kendra Sorenson with the use of the legendary sword Vasilis after she retrieved the blade from her injured brother. Gorgrog's title, The crown was later taken by his eldest son, Orogoro. Orogoro and the remaining Demons fled to the Fairy Queen's old Realm, which was then sealed, making the Fairy Queen's old Realm the new Demon Prison.


The demon Jubaya says that Gorgrog was one of the Five Great Monarchs.