Graulus is a demon that has lived on Fablehaven preserve for centuries. He has a face of a ram and radiates magical fear. He was well known in ancient India and China before reaching Fablehaven to prepare to die. He was once one of the six most feared demons in the world, but has hibernated for decades. Graulas is interested in meeting Seth, who he says showed unexpected courage in defeating the revenant. That surprised Graulas. To thank him for the surprise, Graulas tells Seth about the revenant's nail and how Navarog, the prince of demons that the Sphinx released from the Quiet Box, took the nail to Kurisock, who in turn created the shadow plague. He also helped Seth realize he was a Shadow Charmer, and made the status offical. In the fifth book he asks Seth if he could heal him with the Sands of Sanctity. When Seth does Graulas escapes and destroys the foundational treaty of Fablehaven. He then travels to Living Mirage where he becomes the leader of the Society of the Evening Star. He is later killed by Seth, wielding Vasilis when he opens Zyzzx. Graulas was, in his younger years, one of the most powerful demons in the world. Time has not treated him well in his many years, and now he has become an empty shell of his former self. Graulas was the demon to complete Seth's shadow charming abilities. Also Graulas assigned Nero, the troll, to help Seth harness and access these abilities as well as learn more about the pros and cons of being a shadow charmer. Nero informs Seth that he is indebted to Graulas because the demon gave him his prized seeing stone. Graulas's favorite secret artifact is the Sands of Sanctity while Nagi Luna's is the Oculus.


Since Graulas was one of the six most powerful demons in exsistence he was extremely powerful

  • He was able to use dark magic
  • He could complete someone's shadow charmer transformation
  • He had inhuman strength