The Gray Assassin was an agent of the Society of the Evening Star clad entirely in gray, his face wrapped in fabric. He carried a pair of slightly curved swords with enchanted blades and hilts made from dragon teeth, equivalent to dragon's breath when used against resilient magical enemies, such as the Eternals. He was very fast and agile, had inhuman reflexes, and a fearsome reputation.

Keys to the Demon Prison

The Gray Assassin first appeared at Obsidian Waste as part of an ambush to capture Knights of the Dawn. When the Knights arrived in jeeps, he emerged through the front door of the main house and dashed towards the jeeps. Although the Gray Assassin was quick, the cars outdistanced him. A few hours later, he attacked them again right as they found the Translocator. The Society captured three, but the rest teleported away. 

The Gray Assassin also killed the Eternal Mark in Santa Monica and was part of an assault on another Eternal, Civia, in Texas. During the battle, he found himself in combat with the shapeshifter Niko in the form of a grizzly bear. As Torina fired an arrow at Civia, Niko jumped to intercept it, but could not quite reach it. The Gray Assassin seized the opportunity to start hacking at the shapeshifter.

Niko escaped though and he ran to aid Mirav in the fight against Bracken. As the Gray Assassin attacked, Bracken seemed to be on the defensive, barely being able to hold off the two blades. In the end, Bracken produced a burst of light and cut down the Gray Assassin with a single stroke. His blades were later used by the Knights of the Dawn in the battle of Zzyzx.


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