Great Fairies are a part of fairydom, and have greater magical powers, independence and comprehension then the normal, smaller Fairies. Risenmay, one of the great fairies claimed that the insecurity usually found in fairies wasnt found in great fairies by nature. Their forms were bigger, human sized. It is implied that they were some of the original Fairies. By the time of the main seiries, they were quite rare, around the world, and not even many caretakers knew of their existance. It is possible that like Unicorns, there were many of them in the Fairy Realm. It is also implied that each of them had to some level unique magical skills and abilities. In human myths they appeared as fairy godmothers. Almost all of the Fairy Queens were great fairies, except the latest one, who is an unnamed Unicorn. Patton Burgess described them as the Fairy equivalent of a queen bee, they watch over the regular Fairies, and some of them refer to them as their children. It is possible that they in some form play a part in the creation of more fairies.

Known Great Fairies

It is implied that each great fairy has unique magical abilities, but in comparison to regular Fairies, their powers, independence and comprehension was far greater. They, like Unicorns seem to be either immortal, unaging, or just aging very slowly. At least some of them find the romantic relationships of other creatures intriguing.

Known abilities of Great Fairies

  • Risenmay
    • The ability to grant wings to other creatures, lifelong effect, but does not pass down generations
    • The ability to create Distracter and Attracter Spells
    • Her blessing wards off danger, especially Undead


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