Griffins are a large, winged creature with the head, torso, and talons of an eagle but the body and rear legs of a lion. It's long, hooked beak is made for tearing its prey apart. Its shiny golden-brown feathers carry it aloft as it nimbly takes to the sky. Griffins can handle harsh weather better than Dragons.

Their first appear happend in Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary, with Thronis's Dwarf, Zogo. They both help capture the team at Wyrmroost and later attempt to rescue the team from a Dragon ambush at which Gavin is revealed to be Navarog, and successfully bring Seth to Thronis.

Griffins are only listed in the novels to reside at at Wyrmroost but likely also live at other Dragon Sactuaries.

Griffins also inhabit the stables at Blackwell Keep. They were firstly used by Seth, who used Tempest to fulfill his plan to retrieve the seventh Scepter. The second time Kendra, Seth, and Tanu used them to get to Skyhold to the feast that Celebrant hosted, and the last time were when Seth and Eve tried to fly to back to Blackwell Keep from the Safe Road, but were unable to and had to take refuge at Terrabelle.

Known Griffins