Grunhold is the domain of the centaurs of Fablehaven, a territory surrounded by a ring of stones. The outermost barriers were powered by the Soul of Grunhold, the first horn gifted by Patton Burgess. According to the treaty, the Fablehaven caretaker is entitled to no more than one protected visit to Grunhold per year. Stan Sorenson has exercised the right three times.

After the Battle of Zzyzx, the Soul of Grunhold was discovered to be Bracken's first horn, and was removed and replaced with a powerful Spell, not nearly as powerful as the Soul.

Grip of the Shadow Plague

Broadhoof, Cloudwing, Stormbrow, and an unnamed centaur are caught in the early waves of the shadow plague, which turned Stormbrow and the other centaur dark, forcing Broadhoof and Cloudwing to the pond. While under the protection of the Soul, Grunhold was able to repel the darkness of the shadow plague, thus becoming a safe haven for light creatures.

Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary

In order to enter Wyrmroost, the Knights arrange a council with Graymane, who informs them that the Soul is hidden at the heart of a Tauran maze, guarded by the mountain troll Udnar. The access point to the maze lies beneath the southernmost warding stone, part of an inner circle of stones that levitate and trade places two hours before dawn. Any attempts to steal the horn would result in Grunhold declaring war on the caretaker. Seth successfully befriends Udnar and steals the Soul while posing as Navarog. After returning from Wyrmroost, the Soul is returned to Grunhold.

Keys to the Demon Prison

After Graulas destroys the treaty, the centaurs attempt to expand Grunhold to the rest of Fablehaven. In addition to the loss of the horn after Fablehaven was reinstated, the centaurs' roaming privileges were reduced by Agad and Bracken.

Known inhabitants


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