The Hall of Dread is an eerily cold corridor with darkness that is almost palpable, protected from the dungeon proper by a blood-red wooden door. Eight cells on either side bar the escape of imprisoned sinister beings. Each door is solid iron and embossed with archaic symbols and pictograms, with a keyhole and a closed peephole. Since the entities within emit magical fear, the doors are enchanted to dampen the effect.

Beyond the Hall of Dread is a secret chamber full of treasures and artifacts organized by Patton Burgess and previous Fablehaven caretakers. It was here that Patton hid an inscription with information about the Oculus and the Translocator to aid the Sorensons.

Before his shadow charmer abilities were finalized by Graulas, Seth could hear the undead voices in the Hall of Dread. After the fall of Fablehaven, Seth recruits three wraiths from the Hall to guard the house, old manor, and stables from the centaur coup. As part of his deal with the Singing Sisters, after the events of Keys to the Demon Prison, he brought the wraith nicknamed Whiner to serve them.

Known occupants


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