The Dark Hamadryad, Ephira

Hamadryads are related to Dryads, only more closely tied to a specific tree. If their tree dies, they die with it, unless the connection is passed through a seed of the original tree to the new one. Because the trees are reborn as seedlings, the Hamadryads are virtually immortal.

They are usually friendlier than Dryads, and enjoy flirting and playing games, especially with Satyrs. They are very quick and nimble. They are also mentioned to wear flowing robes reminiscent of foliage. Ephira, a dark Hamadryad was the co-creator of the shadow plague with the demon Kurisock, with whom she merged by way of Kurisock's symbiotic abilities.

Another Hamadryad, Eldanore, is the overseer of the Woodlings in the Sentient Wood at Wyrmroost.

Known Hamadryads

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