Hespera was an ancient Hydra that was once legendary, still being that in Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary, but manly run-down. One head was usually hanging limply on the end of its neck being either dead or unconscious, one missing an eye, and one without a lower jaw.


Hespera was the first guardian of theDragon Temple, and was supposed to let intruders go past her and then keep them from exiting.

Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary

After the Knights of the Dawn got past Glommus the noxious-blind Dragon and Siletta the poison dragon, Gavin (Navarog) decided to go back alone and defeat her. He came back soon with a few slightly bleeding cuts and bruises and a bit of a limp. He said that he put her to sleep. They thought because of the chain-necklace that Thronis put on all of them (except Kendra and Warren), that he was telling the truth. They left the Temple without being harassed by Hespera anymore. But Dragons came and tried to kill them in an ambush. Gavin Rose then transformed into a massive black Dragon and ate Dougan, while slicing Mara across the chest and making her fall off a cliff. In other words, he was proven to be Navarog the Demon Prince. He later approached Kendra in human form, bleeding from a neck wound, with another limp, without the collar, and explained, "I did fight Hespera with a spear and crossbow with quarrels.....at first", in other words, he didn't tell the whole truth, but he still didn't lie. He changed into a dragon afterward and then back to human form at the end of his battle with Hespera.


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